Ted Rall

America's Most Dangerous Cartoonist

I am an editorial cartoonist who draws three cartoons each week and a weekly column for Universal Press Syndicate. I also draw cartoons for the EurasiaNet website and MAD magazine.

I am available to draw freelance illustrations and full-length feature pieces. Cartoon.com calls me America's most controversial cartoonist, but my goal is to make people think.

I edit the "Attitude" series of alternative comics anthologies and have written and drawn 11 books. Two new titles, "Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?" and a cartoon collection called "America Gone Wild" are now in stores.

I irregularily maintain a blog whenever I feel like spouting off about something that doesn't deserve the energy of drawing a cartoon or writing an essay.

I like to hang out with my brilliant friends, solving the world's problems over beer because we know so much better than our leaders what to do (well, we do!), read long "new" histories of the Third Reich and ride my bike. I used to like playing with my cat, but he died recently and it feels indecent to replace him (as if he ever could be).

I travel a lot, especially to post-Soviet Central Asia and to war zones like Kashmir. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I never feel as alive as when my life is in danger.